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Your Slice Of Paradise In Dubai

CEO’s Message

Azizi Developments continues to march ahead with new exciting projects and unprecedented growth. Last year we

brought you award-winning developments, and this year we are proud to announce Azizi Meydan Avenue projects in

the heart of Meydan. This is a project that showcases our commitment to building nature-inspired community living

for Dubai’s diverse residents. Our vision is to create a dynamic and lush green space that puts you back in touch

with nature. As an award-winning and acclaimed real estate developer, we continually strive to deliver only the best.

Each of our projects embody the UAE’s multicultural and diverse outlook on life. Driven by passion, vision and

a promise to deliver only the best, we are helping redefine tasteful living in Dubai. Our vision for Azizi Gardens is to

create high quality living standards that embraces the natural beauty and grandeur of the Meydan Grandstand,

which hosts the richest horse race in the wold – the Dubai World Cup. The serene greenery and arborescent

architecture not only complements the area, but also ensures clean air, less air conditioning and more green

buildings. Azizi Developments strongly believes in His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s

vision for the emirate to emerge as one of the best destinations in the world to reside in, as outlined in Dubai’s

Vision 2021. With the highly anticipated EXPO 2020 just around the corner, we are confident of the endless

possibilities our stunning projects offer.

CEO’s Message

Our Commitment To You

Azizi Developments began in 2007 with a vision to transform the Dubai real estate scene, and build something that

was future-proof. Today, after a decade, we are proud to continue our excellence by merging the best of

architecture, sustainable living, and bringing you tomorrow now. With a portfolio of elaborate ventures, ours is

an award-winning narrative marked with excellence and elevated design and purpose.

Along with the talents of seasoned professionals experienced in development, construction, marketing, sales and

management, we continue to be recognised as one of Dubai’s leading real estate developers.

Our Commitment To You


Dubai is one of the most booming cities in the world right now. The city’s ambitious goals are driven by its visionary

leader Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s UAE Vision 2021, which aims to put the city in the league of the

best in the world. With a host of remarkable projects nearing completion and the upcoming World Expo 2020 –

poised to bring 25 million people to the city and have a major effect on the economy – the time to invest is now.


Meydan One Mall

A mall built like none before, the Meydan One Mall features a 6,697,550 square foot retail district with over a 100

restaurants. High-end luxury brands will have a designated shopping strip at the 1,315 square foot long Central

Canyon, providing breath-taking views of the canal and the dancing fountain in the north end, and Crystal Lagoon in

the south end. The mall has a 164,950 square foot indoor sports space and will feature the world’s longest Ski

Slope, spanning a whole kilometer. Centrally located within Meydan One, the Meydan One Mall is an ideal starting

point to enjoy further attractions and opportunities surrounding it, such as the Heritage Village, The Marina, and

many more.


Dream Within A Dream Meydan Avenue

When one of the most dynamic cultural hubs in the world seeks its own centre beyond the centre, nothing can stop

it from becoming the cynosure of the world. Meydan Avenue is a dream city within a dream city, envisioned by His

Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. Its rise

– galvanized by the Meydan Group – imitates an equestrian feat, transforms the cosmopolitan vision, and rightly

deserves the jewel of Emirates – the Dubai World Cup.

Adjacent to Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – a cultivated community covering approximately 47-million sq.

ft. of prime freehold development in central Dubai – and incorporating the iconic Meydan Grandstand – home to the

world’s richest horse race – & The The Meydan Hotel at its heart, Meydan Avenue is a perfect leitmotif for

commercial, residential, entertainment, and mixed-use development. The sustainable real estate, superlative

hospitality, and sunshiny landscaped parks here exemplify not only the new Emirate an standard but also exceed

the global lifestyle. Moreover, the extension of Dubai Creek into Meydan Avenue adds to its visual appeal and

compliments the premium development of Meydan One, Business Bay, Dubai Water Canal, Safa Park, Jumeirah

Beach Park, and the Persian Gulf. Encompassing a repertoire of facilities alongside its 500-metre boardwalk, Meydan

Avenue is an absolute destination, an extraordinary experience – a living dream. Amid such a revolutionary

standing, Azizi Gardens seizes the moment to build and make real for the world their most longing dream, the

fairytale – the paradisiac – that has been capturing their imagination time and again – the ideal home, finally.


• The Meydan Hotel and Racecourse – 5 minutes walk/3 minutes cycling
• Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – 10 minutes drive
• Downtown Dubail – 15 minutes drive
• Burj Al Arab – 20 minutes Drive
• Dubai Airport – 15 minutes Drive
• Jumeirah Beach – 15 minutes drive
• Dubai Creek Harbour – 15 minutes drive


A Rewarding Friendly Neighbourhood

Meydan Avenue is at the centre of the iconic Meydan Grandstand – home of the world’s richest day in horse racing,

the Dubai World Cup. The project includes modern living environments as well as landscaped parks.

With its close proximity to the upcoming Mohammed Bin Rashid City, and the extension of the Creek into Meydan

Avenue, the development is conveniently connected to the Meydan One development, Business Bay, the Dubai

Water Canal development, Safa Park and Jumeirah Beach Park.

Azizi Gardens is centrally located in the sprawling Meydan Avenue Project, providing the Gardens’ residents a host

of rewarding conveniences and experiences. The Meydan Hotel is only a 5-minute walk away, while attractions like

The Dubai Mall and Burj Al Arab are 15 and 19 minutes, respectively, by car.

A Rewarding Friendly Neighbourhood

Space And Serenity

Azizi Gardens comprises a total of 51 one- and two-bedroom apartments that offer the best of contemporary living

with a natural vibe. Built across an area over 9,600sqm, the area includes its own landscaped gardens and green


The building mimics living under the shade of a giant tree, minimizing the effects of harmful greenhouse gases and

maximizing clean air. Living in the Gardens will be both rewarding and relaxing.

Space And Serenity

Nature Without Boundaries

Inspired by natural tree-inspired architecture popular across the globe, the Gardens will be surrounded by greenery.

Strategically placed frames and screens (perforated panels) block unnecessary solar radiation, while the lobby

mimics standing under the shade of a tree.

The entire building, from its nature-inspired facade to its calming, soothing interiors is designed to make you feel at

home. The stunning exterior frame, with its green lighting, blends perfectly with this natural design ethos.

Nature Without Boundaries

Embrace The Green Life

Our award-winning contemporary architectural style is reflected in the clean lines, simple, uncluttered spaces and

large windows and balconies of Azizi Gardens. Large spacious balconies give you the freedom to landscape your

living space as you see fit. With the beautifully designed perforated panels, designed to let in just the right amount

of warm sunshine, you can enjoy peaceful and restful evenings in your little slice of paradise.

Glass elevators with panoramic views of the internal courtyard and the park ensure that you always get a view of

the surrounding greenery. Enjoy stunning views, no matter which corner of the building you make your own,

including of Dubai landmarks like Burj Khalifa and the iconic Dubai skyline. Popular destinations like Meydan

Racecourse are just a stone’s throw away.

Embrace The Green Life

Home Tree

Azizi Gardens oozes greenery from every corner. The balconies and rooftops are perfectly poised for personalized

green spaces to welcome you home. Built to accommodate 51 units comprising 40 one-bedroom and 11 two-

bedroom apartments, you are guaranteed to find your ideal home at Azizi Gardens. Each apartment is designed for

space and refinement, with even one-bedroom apartments offering plenty of space – 750sqft, larger than standard

one-bedroom apartments and boasting stunning balconies.

With your own space comes privacy and peace of mind. This is your space and one you can confidently call your


Home Tree

The Shade Of Beauty

Greenery crafts every luxurious corner, balcony & rooftop of Azizi Gardens, like beauty overflowing under a majestic

tree. Pair such an emollient ambience with the distant view of urban landmarks outside your apartment and you’ll

realize what you have is an epitome of a suave lifestyle! Azizi Gardens is a breathtaking composition of 51

comprehensive apartments, of which 40 are one bedroom and 11 are two bedrooms units – all with extensively

ravishing balconies. And since one bedroom flats of 750 sq. ft. each make 80% of the units, just for once – and only

here – highlife proves out to be a prudent investment.

Space and privacy aren’t considered two separate entities here. Rather, it’s the one key that brings to light our

phenomenal character – our alter-ego. So, own your special corner in the building and design your life in it as you

see fit. Let your home be the reflection of your aesthetic values. Let it reflect the magnetism of your personal art.

The Shade Of Beauty

Chic Meets Contemporary

No matter which layout you choose, you can be guaranteed plenty of space to make your apartment truly yours.

Our open-plan layout gives you room to experiment, while the beautiful floor to ceiling windows offer you breath-

taking views no matter which corner of Azizi Gardens you call your own.

In keeping with our nature-inspired design ethos, we have embellished the floors with warm wooden panelling and

kept the lines clean and crisp to give it a contemporary, chic and modern feel. Elegant lighting and integrated

paneling helps keep everything neat and organized.

Chic Meets Contemporary

Modern Kitchens

Nothing brings people together quite like food. Whether you are hosting a party or just having friends over for

afternoon tea, we have created the ideal space for your needs. The spacious and comfortable dining area and

kitchen is the perfect place to mingle and enjoy leisurely evening get-togethers or dinner parties. The wooden floors

and gorgeous windows add a wonderful rustic feel and ensures a cosy dining experience, no matter what the meal

or time of day.

Our masterfully crafted kitchens are equipped with premium appliances, ceramic tiling and functional cabinets and


Modern Kitchens

Sleep With A View

Our bedrooms are designed to be more than just functional areas. The spacious bedroom also includes room for

seating by the stellar floor to ceiling framed windows. Built-in wardrobes, vanity units and mirrors complete the

contemporary look. Azizi Gardens has transformed the bedroom space into an experience worth indulging in.

Relax, unwind and feel like you are sleeping in the lap of luxury. And when you wake up, be greeted by a splendid

sunrise and beautiful views of the lush greenery and cityscape.

Sleep With A View

Unparalleled Views

Spectacular balconies designed with you in mind lend unparalleled views of the Dubai skyline. Exquisitely crafted

panoramic glass frames coupled with floor to ceiling windows, wood paneled floors and perforated panels give each

apartment an air of sophistication. The clean landscaped corners add a wonderfully new green dimension to

apartment design in Dubai.

Unparalleled Views

Exquisite Bathrooms

Stunning tiles and beautiful expertly crafted countertops and surfaces greet you in Azizi Gardens’ bathrooms. The

lighting and patterned designs give the bathroom depth and sophistication, without compromising on function and


Exquisite Bathrooms Exquisite Bathrooms 01

Swimming Pool

Azizi Gardens boasts a gross floor area of 4,645sqm, with a built-up area of 9,604sqm, making it an integrated

township on its own. This means that apart from great retail below, you also get community facilities like

a gorgeous swimming pool on the rooftop. This stunning vantage point lends privacy and also great views while you

take  a relaxing dip after a busy day.

Swimming Pool

Fitness Centre

Also located on the rooftop is our fully equipped gym and fitness centre. In keeping with our design ethos and

embracing a natural approach, the rooftop is also landscaped. Whether you want to soak up the sun outside or get

a good workout indoors, you will always be greeted by stunning views at Azizi Gardens.

Fitness Centre

Project Overview

Starting Price AED 1,024,546
Price Per Sqft from AED 1,381
Area from 741.63 Sqft.
Type Apartments
Bedrooms 1BR2BR
Location Meydan
Developer Azizi Developments
Developer Projects 24
Est. Completion Q1 2019
Views 1.6k

Limited Time Offer

Limited Time Offer

Payment Plan

Payment Plan

Amenities & Facilities

Amenities & Facilities

Nearby Places

Nearby Places

Project Price Range

Project Price Range


Good value for money | 1BR Apartment
Good value for money | 1BR Apartment

Azizi Gardens, Meydan Avenue, Dubai

1,129,000 AED


744 sqft


Azizi Gardens, Meydan Avenue, Dubai

980,000 AED


749 sqft


Azizi Fawad Residence, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

1,012,000 AED


692 sqft


Azizi Fawad Residence, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

1,012,000 AED


692 sqft

Beautiful Furnished Studio | Q4 2018 HO

Azizi Aliyah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

680,000 AED

Apartment Studio

544 sqft

Amazing Location | Furnished |Soon Ready

Azizi Aliyah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

1,490,000 AED


1,256 sqft

Cheapest in the Market|Serviced Apartment

Azizi Aliyah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

604,707 AED

Apartment Studio

384 sqft

Luxury Home for Price of a Luxury Car !!

Azizi Aliyah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

600,000 AED

Apartment Studio

538 sqft

Investor deal | Studio for Sale in Aliyah

Azizi Aliyah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

640,000 AED

Apartment Studio

710 sqft

Investment Opportunity|Serviced Apartment

Azizi Aliyah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

609,436 AED

Apartment Studio

411 sqft

0%Commission| Impressive Interior Design

Azizi Aliyah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

1,200,000 AED


1,050 sqft

Very Impressive 2BR at Reasonable Price

Azizi Aliyah, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

2,652,000 AED


1,918 sqft

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