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شقق ميناء خور دبي اعمار العقارية                                                                                   CREEK BEACH DUBIA



We are the UAE’s premier real estate developer. We have reshaped Dubai’s skyline with our iconic buildings,

integrated lifestyle communities and record-breaking retail and entertainment destinations. While many claim epic

projects, very few can count true icons in their portfolio, such as Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall and The Dubai

Fountain. By focusing on creating long-term value for our consumers since 1997, we have set the standard of UAE

real estate, by which others follow. Today, we are one of the most valuable developers in the world and the largest

real estate company outside China.


Dubai Creek Harbour is at the heart of our bold new vision for Dubai. The six-square-kilometre waterfront

destination (three times the size of Downtown Dubai) is destined to push the frontiers in design, architecture and

quality of life. In the heart of it is Dubai Creek Tower, a new beacon for the global audiences.



كل ما تود معرفته من...!


Discover the best of both urban and beach experiences in the most coveted locale of Dubai, Dubai Creek Harbour.

Stretching along the glimmering canal that runs between the island and mainland, Creek Beach is conceived to

afford you the ultimate family-friendly retreat. From 75 meters of pristine white sands to infinity pool to spectacular

sunset views, this is paradise reborn.


Designed to nourish the soul, the Creek Beach district is a pedestrian-friendly sanctuary nestled between Creek

Island Dubai and Dubai Creek Tower. Enjoy life in this prominent location that seamlessly blends the best waterfront

experience with mainland convenience and connectivity.


Escape to paradise any day of the week. Indulge in the 300-metre long stretch of immaculate beach and take in the

magnificent beauty of Dubai Creek, the cradle of Dubai’s history.


Take a scenic ride away and visit the Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the few protected urban areas in the world

renowned for attracting migratory birds. Marvel at the flocks of pink flamingos or some of the 450 animal species.


Discover a unique waterfront spectacle that is brimming with leisure, shopping and dining experiences Take a stroll

on the promenade buzzing with cosmopolitan life on beautifully landscaped sidewalks. Take in the spectacular views

of Downtown Dubai and the aquatic wonderland all around you.


Start the day with a scenic jog alongside the glimmering canal. Stop by for a healthy breakfast at one of the many

restaurants near the boardwalk. Take  your family out for a  day  at  the infinity  pool and sand mounds and have

your little ones splashing around at the shallow kids’ pool. For a change of scenery, saunter over to Creek Island

and enjoy all things marine at the vibrant Creek Marina.


With its very own metro station, the Creek Beach will bring you a new level of convenience and comfort. Imagine

living close to water and nature in remarkable surroundings, yet still be able to reach Downtown Dubai or Dubai

International Airport within just a few minutes.


Eclipsing even Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure since 2010, the Dubai Creek Tower represents the

quintessence of a 21st-century tourist attraction. Only a short walk from your Creek Beach home, it will feature

multiple cutting-edge observation decks with 360° views of Dubai Creek Harbour and the metropolis beyond.

Millions of tourists will have easy access from Dubai Square to Dubai Creek Tower, and vice-versa.


Picture this. A residential, hospitality and retail indoor city with 10,000 residential units, over 1,500 hotel rooms and

a 7,500 sq m of retail indulgence. Nestling alongside the Dubai Creek Tower, Dubai Square will bring back the

exciting life on city squares and avenues to enrich your shopping experience. On top of that, enjoy the city’s new

operating system, Dubai Os. This website and app will allow you to shop for any product from Dubai Square

seamlessly, in-store or wherever you are worldwide.


Whether you’re searching for a place to play catch with your little ones, a romantic spot to eat ice-cream, or simply

a  scenic jogging route,  take your pick from one of the district’s lush green parks.

Premier Licensed
Venues by the Beach

Just minutes from your waterfront abode, your local Vida Hotel presents an experience that is alive and inspired.

Aboutique hotel for the modern traveller, the hotel will further expand the Creek Beach’s richly unique offering, with

a gym, spa, curated events and much more in the way of leisure and entertainment. Enjoy licensed dining venues

that are set to become some of the most talked-about bars and restaurants in Dubai.

Exhale Spa

Book yourself a treatment in one of Dubai’s most luxurious spas. A place where the noise stops to make way for

serenity and calm. From generously appointed rooms of baths to the indoor pool to hot, cold and multi-jet pools,

this is where you will learn to overindulge. With services that run the gamut from anti-ageing facials to body

treatments, Exhale Spa will leave you feeling more radiant than ever.


Born out of Emaar’s partnership with global blue-chip technology companies, homes in this district are an

embodiment of contemporary comfort. Control your home environment and manage your family’s security from both

within and outside your residence. Order your groceries from integrated e-commerce websites, or hail a taxi using

digital voice assistants in your living room or even your smartphone.


Tucked away at the corner of Creek Beach is Breeze, a sanctuary for modern families. Live in a charming family

community draped in nature just minutes away from the stunning beach, the canal and the marvellous Creek Island

Dubai. Breeze comprises three clusters of one to four bedroom apartments drawing from vernacular architecture,

each offering a touch of heritage and world-class leisure activities.


Breeze offers a car-free neighbourhood that is safe, quiet and a quick walk away from Dubai Creek Tower, Dubai

Square, Creek Marina and Creek Beach. With easy access to Dubai’s main roads, all your favourite attractions are

just a short drive away.


Wind down from your long work day in a private courtyard. Here, you can relax with your family or enjoy a

barbecue with your friends over the weekend. With a private pool, fully equipped gymnasium and lots of room for

your children to run and play.


Apartments at Breeze offer floor to ceiling windows for a light and airy ambience. Enjoy spaciously designed rooms

inspired by traditional Middle Eastern architecture. Beautiful wood paneling is a reflection of the natural scenery

with warm tones evoking a sense of comfort and harmony.

بريز كريك بيتش في مـيناء خــور دبــي

يعد “بريز كريك بيتش” مشروعاً سكنياً حضرياً معاصراً وحديثاً من “إعمار العقارية”،ويقع وسط المناظر الخلابة والرائعة لخور دبي وجزيرة الخور.

ملخص المشروع شقق ميناء خور دبي اعمار العقارية

يبدأ السعر من 1,100,000 درهم
سعر القدم المربع من
تبدأ المساحة من
النوع شقق
عدد غرف النوم غرفة نوم واحدة غرفتي نوم ثلاث غرف نوم أربع غرف نوم Penthouse
موقع المشروع مـيناء خــور دبــي
المطور إعمار العقارية
عدد مشاريع المطور 89
التسليم الربع الرابع 2021

بريز كريك بيتش في ميناء خور دبي

“بريز كريك بيتش” هو مشروع سكني جديد من “إعمار العقارية” يطل على مناظر خلابة لميناء خور دبي. ويقع هذا المبنى السكني وسط المياه الرائعة لخور دبي،ويتميز بشقق ذات تصميم مميز تضم  غرفة او غرفتين او ثالاث او اربع غرف نوم وبنتهاوس من ثلاث غرف نوم، ونظراً لموقعها بين خور دبي وجزيرة الخور فإن المشروع يحمل شعوراً مريحاً خاصاً به لتزويد السكان بالمياه العذبة بالإضافة إلى سهولة الوصول الى أحدث التطورات التكنولوجية المستدامة داخل الشقق.علاوة على ذلك كون المقيمين في هذا السكن الرائع على شاطئ البحر،فإن لديهم إمكانية الدخول إلى الشاطئ الذي يحتوي على أعماق مختلفة مناسبة للبالغين والأطفال.

Breeze Creek Beach in Dubai Creek Harbour | Emaar Properties

Breeze Creek Beach in Dubai Creek Harbour | Emaar Properties

وسائل الراحة المميزة

إنه مشروعاً مميّزاً من شركة إعمار العقارية ويشتمل على عدد من أفضل وسائل الراحة والمرافق في المنطقة مثل حمامات السباحة المخصصة الجمنازيوم المنفصل للرجال والنساء ومنطقة لعب الأطفال المؤمنة والمغلقة بالاضافة الى جميع وسائل الراحة الأساسية والمساعدة في التطوير السكني. ونظرًا لموقعه المركزي وسط خور دبي وجزيرة الخور فإنه يتمتع أيضًا بالوصول المباشر إلى الشاطئ.وسيتمكن السكان من الوصول إلى دور السينما في الهواء الطلق،ومنصات غروب الشمس والحفلات الموسيقية والفعاليات المختلفة التي ستجرى داخل التطوير خاصة بالسكان للاستمتاع.


خطة الدفع  

شقق ميناء خور دبي اعمار العقارية

القسط الموعد النسبة
القسط الأول عند الشراء 5%
القسط الثاني بعد60  يوم من الشراء 5%
القسط الثالث 15  يونيو 2019 5%
القسط الرابع 15  ديسمبر 2019 5%
القسط الخامس  15  مارس 2020 10%
القسط السادس عند اكتمال البناء بنسبة 30٪ 5%
القسط السابع عند اكتمال البناء بنسبة 60٪ 5%
القسط الثامن عند اكتمال البناء بنسبة 100٪ 30%
القسط التاسع 6  أشهر بعد الانتهاء 7%
القسط العاشر 12  شهر بعد الانتهاء 7%
القسط الحادي عشر 18  شهر بعد الانتهاء 7%
القسط الثاني عشر بعد24  شهر من التسليم 9%

 شقق بريز كريك بيتش  من اعمار العقارية نطاق اسعارشقق بريز كريك بيتش اعمار العقارية نطاق اسعار


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