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About City Edge Developments

City Edge Developments is an Egyptian developer of suburban residential communities and top-quality mixed-use

projects. A partnership between the New Urban Communities Authority and the Housing and Development Bank,

we are set to bring forward superior quality products and best-in-class solutions that do not only cater to the

modern lifestyle, but also adds value to the Egyptian market.

Through introducing progressive design concepts, and being industry trendsetters, we infuse the real estate market

with lucrative, luxurious and exceptional living experiences. City Edge Developments launched in 2017 with the

objective of becoming the national brand for premium real estate developments in Egypt.”

Introducing ETAPA

A concept driven from the belief that Nature and Cities can co-exist, ETAPA is bringing a new residential theory with

an authentic vision to the real estate scene in Shekih Zayed City. A new living concept that responds to those

submerged in the daily modern life and their innate craving to immerse themselves into the physical beauty and the

inherent unity of the natural world.

ETAPA takes a leap of imagination to bring nature and city in one frame through innovative urban planning, unique

architecture style, smart design choices, and the genuine community it aspires. ETAPA dares to ask how it would

feel when your home becomes your daily getaway. An opportunity to live a life that is uncomplicated, detailed and



Navigate your Dreams

Being one of the last land plots existing in the center of Sheikh Zayed City, surrounded by a variety of gated

communities and only a few minutes away from all the necessary amenities our residents will need – ETAPA

strategically places its community close enough to everything they need such as hypermarkets, retail districts and

top-end entertainment destinations in the area, yet far enough from the unstoppable blaring city life. It also ensures

that our residents have access to all the goods and services they require at the time it is needed as ETAPA is within

proximal reach to the Cairo-Alex Desert Road, the 26th of July Corridor, and the Ring Road. ETAPA’s location

promises to provide a livable operating community since day one.

Navigate your Dreams

Neighbors Make Special Friends

ETAPA aims to achieve the perfect combination of having a highly distinctive community while maintaining the cozy

familiar atmosphere. Building on the vast array of amenities and activities available, it is assured that our residents

will always find areas of common interest that will further enhance a friendly and sociable ambience.

Being built around the “Urban Nature” concept, our open spaces are diverse in size and character offering a variety

of recreation opportunities to hang out and enjoy ETAPA’s peaceful vibes. And because we know that neighbors

often turn into friends, which is why we work so hard to be able to provide you with neighbors who can turn into

family and make ETAPA feel like home.

Neighbors Make Special Friends

All you Need is More

With various facilities created with the sole purpose of putting your mind at ease, ETAPA creates the perfect

environment, one that provides you with anything and everything.

All you Need is More



Embracing our concept of URBAN NATURE, the typical idea of club house has been replaced by an 5 acres park area

our “Verdura Park” because nothing can be compared to the fun, adventure, and joy the outdoor life brings. From

fitness pits and soccer fields, to barbeque setups and kids playgrounds, the entire family is offered a one-of-a-kind

tranquil ambiance fit for pure relaxation. Our park area provides spaces that are safe, functional and attractive for

all sort of activities whether a barbeque or a simple picnic with the family.



Being a smart compound, the technology operating ETAPA is equipped with the most recent features and security

methods. Starting from the street lighting, irrigation systems, security gates and surveillance cameras keeping you

and your families safe and secure at all times.


The facility management at ETAPA ranges from looking after the landscapes, lifts, and parks to fixing the fence at

your backyard making sure you have a hassle free life.


Because security and safety comes first and foremost. That is why we have got the community covered from every

angle and at every time throughout the day. Trained security personnel, surveillance cameras, and gated entrances

help keep you and your family in a safe and comforting enclosure.


Adding our bike and jogging lanes will only make running and cycling part of your daily routine and bring you closer

to a sustainable, greener life.


To stay fit in today’s busy life, swimming pools, multi-use courts, jogging tracks, and acres of greenery will come in


Through this mix of uses and services, ETAPA wants to create a life where children can freely play in the parks and

everyone cycles on lanes that wind around their neighborhood. A life where you can find belonging, trust, comfort,

safety and acceptance.


Delicately Orchestrated and Masterfully Executed

Inspired by its name “ETAPA” – Spanish word to “Stages” reflected in its land elevation, our residential project is laid

out on 77 acres of land on a 22 meters higher platform than its surroundings allow residents to rise above it all.

ETAPA dedicates 84% of its building area to layers of greenery, parks, gardens, and other unique open spaces. With

only 493 residential units on display, ETAPA achieves an exclusive low density gated community with an array of

amenities that adequately cater for its residents.

Delicately Orchestrated and Masterfully Executed

Simplicity is not that Simple

Inspired by our “Urban Nature” concept, at ETAPA our portfolio of homes is presented in a modern cubism and

minimalistic design. This is achieved through creating better designs through sophisticated simplicity – simplicity of

form, space, materiality, detail, and color. This design provides honest detailing and creation of eye pleasing views

that fly from exterior to interior spaces through the large windows in the open elevation theme. This specific

architecture style was selected for our designated community – because we appreciate the calmness, the warmth,

and the beauty that this kind of design radiates.

Simplicity is not that Simple

From House to Home

Whatever the type of unit you are looking for, from an apartment to a standalone villa. ETAPA will always have an

option to suit your exact need. Every unit is planned and designed to give you the exact space and flexibility you

aspire. And it does not stop there, no matter which unit you choose; you will always be surrounded by greenery and

breath-taking landscapes.

- Grand Villa
- Villa
- Twin Villa
- Townhouse
- Mansio Villas
- Duplex

From House to Home

Grand Villa 381m

Grand Villa - Front yard

Grand Villa Grand Villa 01

Grand Villa - Back yard

Grand Villa - Back yard

VILLA 286m

Villa - Front yard

Villa - Front yardVILLA 286m

Villa - Back yard

Villa - Back yard

Twin Villa 246m

Twin Villa - Front yard

Twin Villa - Front yard Twin Villa 246m

Twin Villa - Back yard

Twin Villa - Back yard

Townhouse 307m Including 70 m2 roof terrace

Townhouse - Front yard

Townhouse - Front yard Townhouse - Front yard 01 Townhouse - Front yard 02

Townhouse - Back yard

Townhouse - Back yard

Mansio Villas

Mansio Villas - Front yard

Mansio Villas - Front yard Mansio Villas - Front yard 01 Mansio Villas - Front yard 02

Mansio Villas- Back yard

Mansio Villas- Back yard


Duplex- Front yard

Duplex- Front yard Duplex- Front yard 01 Duplex- Front yard 02 Duplex- Front yard 03

Duplex - Back yard

Duplex - Back yard

Undecorated Beauty Within

Undercorated Beauty Within



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